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January 16, 2024

Episode 504 – Killphonic CEO Caleb Shreve, An Internet Minute, And Who Invented The Microphone

Caleb Shreve - 504

My guest this week the founder and CEO of Killphonic Rights, Caleb Shreve. 

Caleb began professional career in 1998 at Sony Music Studios in New York. As part of the Sony Music Special Projects team, he began working alongside artists such as Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, Destiny’s Child and Marc Anthony. 

In early 2003, Caleb left Sony to work independently as a producer and engineer. He was quickly hired almost exclusively by music producer and executive, Sean “Puffy” Combs. Over the next decade and a half, Caleb wrote, produced and mixed countless records. 

He started Killphonic Rights in 2014 originally as a management company, but eventually pivoted to administrating publishing and neighboring rights for indie artists.

During the interview we spoke about the importance of metadata in music publishing, why there are so many writers on some songs, collecting TikTok royalties, the idea of neighboring rights, and much more.

I spoke with Caleb from his office in Los Angeles. 

On the intro I looked at what happens every minute on the internet, and who actually invented the microphone.

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