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January 23, 2024

Episode 505 – SymphonyOS CEO Megh Vakharia, Best Months To Release Music, And How Much Producers Make

Megh Vakharia 505

My guest this week is a partner at Integral Studios and CEO of SymphonyOS, Megh Vakharia. Since 2016, he’s spearheaded product and data strategy as CTO of Integral Studio, one of the music industry’s leading marketing agencies.

At Integral, Megh has worked with every major label and alongside artists of all sizes, from independent creators to today’s superstars, including Travis Scott, SZA, and Future ~ helping them figure out how to most effectively roll out their music in the most creative, data-driven ways. To date, Integral has supported campaigns that have led to 4 Grammy-nominated albums and over a dozen platinum-selling records.

SymphonyOS helps creators put their fanbase growth on autopilot with smart, automated marketing. Its suite of apps centralizes the digital marketing workflow, empowering creators with the tools to better understand their audience, engage their fanbase, and increase their revenues.

During the interview we spoke about why we’re in a post TikTok era, why artists should consider advertising, how Ai can play into your marketing decisions, why a mailing list is more important than ever for marketing, and much more.

I spoke with Megh from his office in Los Angeles. 

On the intro I looked at the best times during the year to release music, and how much producers make.

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