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July 9, 2019

Episode #273 – Music In 10 Years, Tinnitus, Pro Tools Computers, And Primephonic CEO Thomas Steffens

Thomas Steffens image

My guest today is the CEO of Primphonic, Thomas Steffens. Primephonic is a music streaming service dedicated to keeping classical music alive and accessible through the tech revolution

Most streaming networks are geared towards modern pop music and don’t serve classical well. It’s difficult to find what you want, and labels, conductors and orchestras aren’t paid much since their piece run far longer than the average pop or rock song. Primephonic uses a pay-per-second model instead of the per stream way that Spotify and most other streaming networks use.

During the interview we spoke about the 3 types of classical music fans, how a recommendation algorithm doesn’t work for the classical genre, differentiating between different versions of a work, Primephonic’s unique royalty structure, and much more.

The intro takes a look at how music might change in 10 years, the new Rolling Stone music charts, a new look at what causes tinnitus, and the computers that people use for Pro Tools.

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