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March 26, 2024

Episode 513 – Modern Musician’s Michael Walker, The ELVIS Act, And Best DAWs Of 2024

Michael Walker 513

My guest this week is Michael Walker, who’s the founder and energy behind the Modern Musician program. You can hear all about his journey on Episode 411 from March 2022, but this time our discussion centered around Ai and how it can help or hurt the music industry in the future.

Modern Musician recently incorporated its own Ai-driven helper bot, so Michael has a lot of hands-on experience on the subject.

During our interview we spoke about integrating ChatGPT into Modern Musician, his experiences with Apple’s new Vision Pro headset, what spatial music and spatial picture mean to each other, how sometimes Ai image generation is creating more what a dream might look like, what future AI technology might hold for us, and much more.

I spoke with Michael from his studio in Florida. 

On the intro I looked at the ELVIS Act bans unauthorized voice use, and the best DAWs of 2024.

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