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February 20, 2024

Episode 508 – Moises Ai CEO Geraldo Ramos, How Many Videos On YouTube, And World’s Most Expensive Amp

Geraldo Ramos 508

My guest this week is co-founder and CEO of Moises Ai Geraldo Ramos.

Moises is an AI-driven application that enables musicians to separate their tracks into stems, identify chords, adjust tempo or pitch without affecting other musical elements, and refine their audio with professional mastering, among a host of other features.

Another feature is Voice Studio, which serves as a marketplace for AI-powered voice modeling, allowing vocalists to monetize their own voice models to other music makers.

 Geraldo invented Moises when he was looking for a better way to practice his drums by playing the drums to songs he liked without hearing the original drummer.

During the interview we spoke about interesting uses for source separation, how source separation Ai’s are trained, why some producers are developing private voice cloning models, the reason why Ai audio resolution isn’t higher, where Ai music is going, and much more.

I spoke with Geraldo from his office in Los Angeles. 

On the intro I looked at how many videos are on YouTube, and the $40,000 guitar amplifier.

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