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June 25, 2019

Episode #271 – Music Publishing Revenue, Universal Vault Fire, And Female Musician’s Academy’s Bree Noble

Bree Noble image

My guest on the podcast this week is Bree Noble, who is a champion for women in music thanks to her Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast and Female Musician Academy.

Bree quit her corporate job as a Director of Finance at a top opera company to pursue a successful run as a touring singer/songwriter where she won several songwriting and artist awards and even sang the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium.

During her time as a musician, she founded an online radio station called Women of Substance Radio, to promote quality female artists in all genres. That eventually led to her current Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast, where she teaches marketing and business strategies for musicians and conducts interviews with successful Indie female artists and industry professionals.

Bree has also created several online courses to help musicians learn to make a living from their music. Her most popular offering is an online training and mentoring community exclusively for female musicians called the “Female Musician Academy”.

In the interview we talked about why women musicians are treated differently from men, the progress that women have made in the industry, the one thing that every artist is looking for, and much more.

The intro takes a look at the music publishing industry’s revenue increase that’s not trickling down to songwriters, and the Universal vault fire and how it affects record label’s archives.

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