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July 2, 2019

Episode #272 – New Billboard Charts, Smuggling With Speaker Cabinets, And Smart Studio’s Jim Dunne

Jim Dunne Smart Studio image

Jim Dunne is the founder and senior acoustic consultant of the ground-breaking Smart Studio, which completely disrupts how recording studios and dubbing theaters have been built. Smart Studio supplies a modular system that provides not only isolation but excellent acoustic design.

Jim has over 30 years experience in the acoustics and noise control industry, as well as on-site construction activities, recording studio design, electro-acoustic equipment supply and install, and company management. He has also worked for a number of years in the world famous Windmill Lane Studios, one of the premier recording studio facility in Ireland which catered to clients like U2, the Waterboys, and Kate Bush.

In the interview we talk about the the technical aspects of Smart Studio, the typical build time, what a deconstruction is like, speaker calibration, and much more.

On the intro I’ll look at the brand new Billboard charts, and how speaker cabinets are being used for smuggling.

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