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August 15, 2023

Episode 486 – How Gold-Platinum Records Work, Avid Sold, And Melodics CEO Sam Gribben

Melodics CEO Sam Gribben - Episode 486

My guest today is Sam Gribben, the CEO of the music learning platform Melodics. Melodics is a software platform that teaches you to play keyboards, pad controllers and electronic drums. Melodics uses gamification of practice to encourage you to keep working at getting better.

Prior to founding Melodics, Sam was CEO of the DJ software company Serato, where he joined as employee #4 and eventually helped to scale the company into an industry leader.

During the interview we spoke about how to keep the fun in learning music, why many DJs and producers want to learn how to play keyboards, how the term “musician” ruins music for many people, why music teachers have embraced Melodics, and much more.

I spoke with Sam via Zoom from his office in Auckland, New Zealand.

On the intro I’ll take a look at how gold and platinum records are determined, and Avid is acquired by the private equity company STG.

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