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October 5, 2021

Podcast #389 – Flavorlab Founders, NFT Legal Issues, And Fully Deductible Production Costs

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  • NFTs are the hot new thing, but you have to be aware of these legal issues
  • A new bill will make music production costs deductible


  • Erik Blicker and Glann Schloss, founders of Flavorlab 

My guests this week are Erik Blicker and Glenn Schloss, founders and of Flavorlab, an award-winning audio production company that composes, records, mixes and masters music and sound for the biggest brands in the world.

Flavorlab offers a complete set of audio solutions through its three divisions. Flavorlab Score is dedicated to composing original music and scores; Flavorlab Sound specializes in audio services for feature films, scripted and unscripted television; and commercials, trailers and video games, and Flavorlab Toolbox offers an exclusive boutique music catalog with over 5,000 songs by 300 different composers.

Flavorlab’s past projects include the original score, editing, and mix for the NBA Official 2020 Season Restart Announcement, the mix for documentary Do Not Split, the original score for HBO’s documentary Wildcard: Death of a Radio Loudmouth, and the original score, music licensing, and mix for KSV’s American Forest Foundation. 

Flavorlab also composed the theme song for ABC’s iconic talk show, The View, the recent Olympics spot for Polo Ralph Lauren, and the HBO series VICE utilizes their exclusive Producer’s Toolbox and licensing services for their show music, among many others.

During the interview, we spoke about the unique circumstances for that led to the formation of the company, why they’d prefer not to do commercials, tuning drums and percussion to the key of the song, how persistence led to getting tracks on ESPN. and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at the some of the legal issues with NFTs, and passage of a congressional bill can make all music production costs fully deductible.

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