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May 25, 2021

Podcast #370 – German Copyright Uproar, Audio Mags Merge, And Production Manager Tim McKenna

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  • German copyright is changing and artists hate that TikTok won’t be paying
  • Pro Sound News and Mix Magazine are merging


  • Production manager for Boston House of Blues and the Xfinity Center Tim McKenna

My guest this week again is Tim McKenna, who started his career as a stagehand/lighting tech at the legendary Paradise Rock Club in 1980 and now oversees production at the Boston House of Blues and the Xfinity Center.

He has advanced well over 5000 shows in his career in venues ranging from 60 to 60,000 in capacity that include Orpheum Theater, Avalon Ballroom, Foxboro Stadium and Great Woods as well as many other venues throughout New England.

Tim also produced special events for various radio stations, the Democratic National Convention and ESPN.

During the interview, we spoke about learning club lighting without any direction, making the jump from lighting director to production manager, the current brain drain in the industry, predictions for the live music business after covid, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at the fight over German copyright laws, and more mergers in the music business.

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