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August 11, 2020

Episode #330 – Dewey Bunnell From America, No Artist Pay For Airplay, And New Acoustic Advances

Dewey Bunnell from America image


  • Bipartisan Congressional support for not paying artists for radio airplay
  • Several new acoustic advances to be aware of


Dewey Bunnell, is a founding member and half of the band with a lot of big hits that you probably know well – America. 

Dewey’s best known compositions include “Horse With No Name,” “Ventura Highway,” “Tin Man” and “The Border,” among many others.

During this long interview we talked about the origins of the band, keeping a touring band together for a long period of time, working with members of the Wrecking Crew, working with George Martin, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at how musicians will continue not being paid for radio play, and some new advancements in acoustics.

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