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August 4, 2020

Episode #329 – Music Videos Coming To Facebook, Capturing The Sounds Of Mars, And Songwriter/Entrepreneur Adam McInnis

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  • Official music videos coming to Facebook with the industry’s blessing
  • DPA gear is going to Mars on the latest Rover


Adam McInnis is a singer/songwriter most known for his work on tv and film as well as for collaborating with the top DJ’s of EDM. 

He has interests in 3 publishing companies, a recording studio in Austin, a skin care line, and a yearly songwriter camp in Costa Rica called Neverland Retreats. Adam’s online platform called The Billboard 500 Club, where he gives out mentoring information and advice regarding the music industry, has also gained a vast following.

During the interview we talked about how social media can bring an artist a false sense of worth, how to land an investor and how much money to ask for, why hip hop artists understand the new music business better than almost anyone else, the “oooh ” factor, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at how official music videos are finally on Facebook, and capturing the sound of the red planet.

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