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February 11, 2020

Episode #304 – Submission To Playlists, Reasons Behind USB-C, And Producer John Boylan

John Boylan image

Legendary producer John Boylan started in the business as a member of the burgeoning folk scene in the Village in New York City that set the tone for the explosion in the music business to unimagined heights. 

John has a long list of stellar production credits that include Rick Nelson, the Association, Linda Ronstadt, Boston, Charlie Daniels, the Little River Band, and many more.

He’s also seen the music business from the label side as a VP of A&R for Epic for 11 years, then worked extensively in children’s music and television, where he won a Grammy for his work on the ABC prime time special The Muppets Elmopalooza.

During the interview we spoke about growing up in the original folk scene in New York City, putting together the band that would later become The Eagles, seldom-heard facts about recording the band Boston, a discussion about 5G and Bluetooth LE audio, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at the best practices for submission to Spotify playlists, and the untold reasons for the USB-C interface.

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