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June 4, 2024

Episode 523 – Conductor/Composer John Jesensky, Streamers Losing Millennials, And Silk Acoustic Isolation

Conductor John Jesensky - Episode 523

My guest  this week is conductor John Jesensky, who is currently conducting premiere orchestras around the world in fully restored film score performances. Among the shows that he’s conducted include Harry Potter: In Concert, Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage, Amadeus, as well as The Godfather: Live.  

John is also a freelance film composer, scoring short and feature-length films as well as trailer and source music for top production companies. Several of his short scores have made appearances and won awards at film festivals around the world.  

During graduate studies at NYU Film School where he studied privately with renowned film orchestrator Sonny Kompanek as well as prolific film composer Ira Newborn, John was awarded the prestigious Elmer Bernstein Award for Film Composition. 

During our interview John spoke about the hardest thing a conductor has to learn, the preservation of legendary scores, the differences between the many orchestras he’s conducted, tight film scoring budgets, augmenting scores with samples, and so much more.

I spoke with John via zoom from his office in Los Angeles. 

On the intro I looked at how music streamers are losing millennials, and a new silk fabric sound isolation in development.

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