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October 3, 2023

Episode 493 – WARM CEO Jesper Skibsby, Songtradr Acquires Bandcamp, And Super-Long Albums

Jesper Skibsby Warm Music - 493

My guest today is Jesper Skibsby, the CEO and founder of radio monitory service WARM – the first global radio monitoring service focusing on serving the artists and indie segment of the music industry. 

WARM track and identify music played on radio, globally and in real-time. The vision behind WARM is to make detailed music data available to everyone, especially the long tail segment of artist, producers, managers and record labels.

Jesper has established companies like Fandango Music Management, We Make Noise and Kassiopeia Kollektive, has been a board member of DUP (association for independent record labels in Denmark), and has represented MusicDNA as the head of Scandinavia.

During the interview we spoke about why radio metrics are overlooked by indie artists yet so important, why radio is still the biggest driver of music consumption worldwide, how the internet has actually boosted radio music listening, and much more.

I spoke with Jesper via Zoom from his office in Copenhagen.

On the intro I’ll take a look at what the Songtradr acquisition of Bandcamp means, and why super-long albums don’t fit with today’s music consumers.

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