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September 5, 2023

Episode 489 – Vinyl Pressing Expert Dustin Blocker, Music Videos Losing Importance, And Gibson Finds Its Lost Archives

Dustin Blocker 489

My guest today is vinyl pressing expert Dustin Blocker, who founded Hand Drawn Records in 2011 and Hand Drawn vinyl pressing in 2014. He’s also been named the first president of the Vinyl Record Manufacturing Association, which is comprised of more than 30 companies from every level of vinyl production, including record labels, mastering, lacquer cutting, electroplating, record pressing, printmakers, equipment manufacturers, brokers, raw material suppliers, and even logistic service providers.

During the interview we spoke about the unseen steps in vinyl manufacturing, the latest in cutting-edge vinyl, developing quality standards for vinyl pressing, working towards sustainability, and much more.

I spoke with Dustin via Zoom from his office in Texas.

On the intro I’ll take a look at music videos losing their importance, and Gibson gets its archives back.

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