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May 16, 2023

Episode 473 – NPR Music Tech Director Josh Rogosin, Label Covert Spotify Accounts, And Bacteria Play Drums

NPR music technical director and Tiny Desk Concerts engineer Josh Rogosin

My guest this week is Josh Rogosin, who stumbled into NPR headquarters in 1999 on his way to mixing shows at The Shakespeare Theatre in downtown DC. Since then, he has been at the controls for all of NPR’s flagship newsmagazines and gathered sound in far flung places like Togo, Cambodia and Greece for the Radio Expeditions series. 

Josh has engineered at both NPR West and NPR NY, and spent two years as Technical Director at Marketplace Productions in Los Angeles. He’s also served as Senior Broadcast Engineer for New York Public Radio and Studio 360, and was an originating producer and sound designer for NPR’s Ask Me Another.

In his current role, Josh is the Technical Director for NPR Music and has recorded and mixed over 500 Tiny Desk Concerts.

During the interview we spoke about learning audio for the theater, recording Congressional hearings, using audio to tell stories, behind the scenes at Tiny Desk Concerts, working with U2 and David Crosby, 3and much more.

I spoke with Josh via Zoom from his office in Washington.

On the intro I’ll take a look at labels with covert Spotify accounts, and bacteria that play drums.

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