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April 4, 2023

Episode 467 – Trevanna Tracks Jennifer Freed, Can Rhythm Be Copyrighted, And Smart Drummers

Jennifer Freed of Trevanna Tracks

My guest this week is Jennifer Freed, who founded Trevanna Post in NY after working as a Production Accountant on major motion pictures on both coasts & internationally. Trevanna Post has been the gold standard for Post Production Accounting for more than 26 years, and has grown from a 2 person office in NYC’s historic Brill Building to a firm with offices in NY, Los Angeles and London, staffed by over 50 people. The company has worked with every major, mini-major and independent studio on over 800 film and television shows. 

Trevanna Tracks was born out of Jennifer’s unique perspective on the need for more efficient collaboration between those responsible for getting music licenses negotiated, paid and delivered. Jennifer’s access to veteran Film and TV industry experts enabled her to create this new software platform for researching, budgeting, tracking, paying and delivering music licenses.

During the interview, we spoke about how she got into film accounting, how film and TV shows set their budget for music licensing, why music supervisors won’t use a track that doesn’t indicate the songwriting splits clearly, the many reasons why temp tracks don’t used, the need for standardized data when it comes to music licensing, and much more. 

I spoke with Jennifer via Zoom from her office in Los Angeles.

On the intro I’ll take a look at the fight over copyrighting a rhythm, and drummers are smarter than the jokes about them.

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