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March 7, 2023

Episode 463 – TrackStage Founders, Tidal New Royalties Canned, And The Importance Of Studio Furniture

TrackStage app

My guests this week are Robina Ritchie-Barker and Scott Barker, who’s TrackStage sync music management app is taking the sync world by storm.

TrackStage not only helps you get your songs and cut-downs get organized in one place, but it helps you keep track of contracts, split sheets, licenses, reversion dates, pitches and deadlines. Plus it streamlines and manages all of your important metadata as well.

The app lets you spend more time creating and less time administering the business side of your sync music career, while helping you do a better job of it at the same time.

During the interview, we spoke about the frustrations with the many sync tasks that was the genesis for TrackStage, how difficult it is to keep on top of all the admin work involved with sync, targeting and pitching publishers, and much more. 

I spoke with Robina and Scott via Zoom from their office in Vancouver.

On the intro I’ll take a look at Tidal’s new royalty program getting canceled, and the costs of studio furniture.

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