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January 17, 2023

Episode 456 – Sync Songwriter’s Chris SD, Shallow Catalog, And Audio File Formats

Sync Songwriter's Chris SD

My guest this week is Chris SD, who’s an award-winning music producer with 5 Juno awards and 7 nominations. He was also nominated as Engineer Of The Year in 2012. With his extensive industry contacts and experience Chris has helped artists land record deals, find management and booking agents, and license music to TV and film.

He started Sync Songwriter to help musicians who live anywhere get their music licensed through one of the best music licensing courses in the business called “The Art Of The Song Pitch”. In the program, he teaches his 5 step process to get music synced successfully. Not only do his  students learn the best ways to get their music heard by the gatekeepers, they also get to meet and pitch their music live online to top music supervisors in the course.

During the interview we spoke about what’s changed in sync licensing, how to know if your music is ready for placement, if you need to master your songs for sync, if you can record at home and get your music into TV and film, the biggest mistakes people that people make trying to get sync placements, and much more.

I spoke with Chris via Zoom from his sail boat somewhere in the Sea of Cortez.

On the intro I’ll take a look at how shallow catalog is become a big part of the music business, and the different audio formats used today.

You can find out more about Sync Songwriter and The Art Of The Song Pitch here.

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