December 20, 2022

Episode 452 – A Look Back At 2022 In The Music Industry

2022 Year End Review

In this episode I take a look back at the events in the music business and music production during 2022, including:

  • Songwriters get a raise in two places
  • TikTok trends
  • Playlist influence waning
  • Streaming scams
  • Streaming music trends
  • Apple Music raising prices
  • Classical music gets a boost
  • Major labels wiping unrecoupted royalties
  • Ticketmaster troubles
  • New York State’s new concert ticket law
  • Music NFTs and Web3 trends and deals
  • Signing and dropping an AI artist
  • Artists tire of social media
  • The hype of Dolby Atmos and the balloon bursting
  • AI music generators and AI music online
  • AI plugins
  • New tech like Bluetooth LE and USB4
  • The rise and fall of smart speakers
  • Effects pedals selling for big money
  • The Anaheim NAMM show in June
  • Slate Digital acquired

And much more!

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