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August 16, 2022

Episode 434 – Streaming Farms, Music AI, And Artist Manager Talya Elitzer

Artist manager Talya Elitzer on Bobby Owsinski's Inner Circle Podcast
Credit: Gaston McGary

My guest this week is Talya Elitzer, who along with her partner Nick Sylvester leads godmode, a company that offers label, management, publishing and creative direction services.

godmode has an unorthodox approach to artist management in that they specialize in managing artists that don’t quite fit pre-existing formats.

During the pandemic godmode was able to successfully stabilize their artists’ careers and help them achieve growth on streaming services andTikTok. They were even able to secure Four Apple TV ad spots in the last 12 months.

Before godmode Talya began her career at the giant WME looking after tours for Britney Spears, and M.I.A. She then left for a stint in A&R at Capitol Records, taking on projects for artists like Katy Perry, Beck, and Sky Ferreira.

During the interview we spoke about what it’s like to start in the mail room at William Morris, working with unique artists, the importance of the artist being involved with marketing themselves, her view on Web3, and much more.

I spoke with Talya via zoom from her office in the Los Angeles.

On the intro I’ll take a look at why playlists might not be as important as you think, and the reason why proper metadata is essential for your songs.

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