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May 17, 2022

Episode 421 – Why There Are No Big Hits, Interesting Vibrations, And Peter Sinclair Of BeatBread

BeatBread CEO Peter Sinclair on Episode 421 of the Inner Circle Podcast

Peter Sinclair, the CEO of BeatBread. BeatBread enables artists and songwriters to get advances from 1k to 2mil based on strength of the catalogs.

Unlike other services, the company allows artist to keep 100% ownership of their masters, publishing, touring, merch and synch.

You can design the agreement that works for you after the service gathers your data, which only takes a few minutes. It’s a way to stay independent without having to sign a bad deal just to get some working capital.

During the interview we spoke about how he accidentally entered the music business, why many artists don’t want label services, how an artist can get access to working capital, and much more.

I spoke with Peter via zoom from his office near Los Angeles.

On the intro I’ll take a look at why there aren’t many hit songs this year, and how vibrations influence our lives in strange ways.

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