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August 31, 2021

Podcast #384: All About Trailer Music From Ghostwriter Music, Increased TikTok Video Length, And Web MIDI

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  • TikTok is testing increased video lengths to compete with YouTube
  • Using MID from your browser with Web MIDI


  • Chris Bragg and Travis Michaud from trailer music company Ghostwriter Music

Ghostwriter is the go-to source for trailers for feature films, as well as television programming. The company’s clients include Marvel, Disney, Sony, Paramount, 20th Century Studios, LEGO, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Amazon, Apple, FX, HBO, Hulu and Netflix, among others.

Chris has worked as a mastering engineer, producer, music supervisor and sound designer before starting Ghostwriter. Travis, who’s the company’s COO, worked as a sound editor, sound designer, music supervisor and music producer before partnering up with Chris in 2017.

During the interview, we spoke about how trailer music is different from film music, the mindset needed for creating trailer music, how a trailer gets put together, the fast turnaround time required, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at TikTok testing increased video times, and the new online version of MIDI from your browser called Web MIDI.

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