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June 15, 2021

Podcast #373 – Mixer Nacho Molino, Music’s Short Shelf Life, And Mixing On Headphones

Nacho Molino image


  • Hit records have a shorter and shorter shelf life
  • The problems with mixing on headphones and possible solutions


5 time Grammy winning mixer Nacho Molino has worked with Ruben Blades, Carlos Vives, CJ Ramone, Gente d Zona, Joan Manuel Serrat and many more.

Even though he comes from a rock background, Nacho has been awarded Latin Grammy’s for Best Salsa Album and Album of the Year, as well as Recording of the Year, and Best Tropical Latin Album.

During the interview, we spoke about bringing a rock sensibility to mixing salsa, the strict rhythms of salsa, using audiophile speakers for mixing, common mixing problems he sees, and much more.

On the intro, I’ll take a look at music’s short shelf life, and the problems with mixing on headphones and possible solutions.

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