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May 4, 2021

Podcast #367 – Music Licensing Expert Michael Elsner, Singles That Won’t Die, And Focusrite Acquires Sequential Circuits

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  • The new trend of making different versions of the same song
  • Focurite Group acquires legendary synth manufacture Sequential Circuits


Michael Elsner started playing sessions for a multitude of television, album and film projects, which eventually led to his own music appearing on TV and film as well. 

As a songwriter and composer, his songs have been placed in over 180 individual television series, accounting for over 800 individual episodes. Some of these include American Idol, The Voice, Amish Mafia, Cold Case, EXTRA, The Sing-Off, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hannah Montana, and High School Musical 2. He’s also composed music for commercials for Audi, Mazda, Skechers and Verizon, as well as trailers for Cinderella (Disney), Ocean’s 8, Narcos, Sneaky Pete, and Better Call Saul.

Michael has taken his knowledge and experience of music licensing and created the Master Music Licensing Program, which provides a first-hand look on how to obtain sync placements in film and television.

During the interview we spoke about growing up in Woodstock, making the jump to writing for television, the 4 step process to licensing, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at singles that won’t die, and Focusrite acquiring Sequential Circuits.

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