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February 23, 2021

Episode #358 – Composer/Mixer Lars Deutsch, MLC Collects Unclaimed Funds, And Random, Probable And Generative Music

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  • MLC collects almost $500 million in unclaimed funds
  • Random, probable and generative music


Two time Emmy winner Lars Deutsch was born into a non-musical family and was astounded when he discovered that a guitar needs tuning. From those humble beginnings he went from heavy metal guitarist, to singer, to songwriter, to a Masters in classical composition, to international performances of his classical works, to lecturing in composition and audio production. He’s also become an in-demand mixer as well.

Lars has scored over two hundred thirty films that have collected over one hundred awards, and his songs are also in high demand. As an audio branding expert, he has created audio logos for a range of companies including Adidas, Mercedes Formula One, Contac, Epson and many more.

During the interview we spoke about the process of creating an audio brand logo, the reasons why he began mixing, his method for organizing samples, mixing on headphones, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at the MLC collecting unclaimed funds, and randomization, probability, and generative music.


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