January 19, 2021

Episode #353: Elton John Guitarist Davey Johnstone

Elton John guitarist Davey Johnstone image


  • Our musical attention span is getting short and what will happen by 2030
  • Taylor Guitars gives the company to its employees


  • Elton John guitar player and musical director Davey Johnstone

Davey Johnstone has played guitar and been the musical director for the Elton John Band since 1972. During that time, Davey has played on all of Elton’s albums and tours. In fact, he recently celebrated his 3,000th show with Elton in 2019.

Davey’s also played and recorded with a wide range of artists including Rod Stewart, Stevie Nicks, Meat Loaf and Alice Cooper among many others, 

During our interview we talked about the making of Elton’s early albums, what it’s like to play the hits 3,000 times, how his gear has changed through the years, making a pilgrimage to Muscle Shoals, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at the average attention span of music listeners and Taylor Guitar being given to its employees.

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