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December 1, 2020

Episode #346 – Miles Copeland Part 2, AI A&R, and Deep Fake Vocals

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  • Warner Music uses AI-driven A&R to sign more artists
  • Popular artist vocals and lyrics can now be deep faked


Miles Copeland formerly managed The Police and created IRS Records. IRS was at the forefront of punk and New Wave as the home for bands like REM, The Bangles, Dead Kennedys, The Go Gos, and many others. He also managed Sting in his solo music and film careers.

In Part 1 we talked about Miles growing up in Egypt and Lebanon, getting involved with the upstart punk scene in London, behind the scenes at IRS Records, hearing The Police’s “Roxanne” for the first time, and much more. 

Today in part 2 of our interview we talked about the modest start that The Police got during their first tour of America, bein g a manager and running a label at the same time, the mentality of music execs in the corporate environment, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at how how artificial intelligence is used in A&R, and deep fake vocals.

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