June 30, 2020

Episode #324 – Save Home Studios In Nashville With Lij Shaw

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Imagine that it was illegal for you to record anyone except yourself in your home studio. Imagine that you weren’t allowed to have students over to your house for lessons. Image that it was illegal to go to the home of the hairstylist down the street to get your hair cut.

There actually is a pace where that’s really happening and believe it or not that place is Nashville. Yes, the Music City isn’t being being to kind to music made in home studios these days thanks to a 10 year old ordinance that forbids anyone from operating a business from their homes.

Leading the charge to change this law is Lij Shaw, who not only operates a home studio where he makes his living from, but is also the host of the popular Recording Studio Rockstars podcast. 

Along the way Lij has recorded Grammy Award-winning performers such as John Oates, Jack White, Wilco, Adele, and the Zac Brown Band, and the Grammy-winner for Best Roots album in 2015 was mixed in his Toy Box studio.

Lij told me the story of what he’s being going through for the past 5 years battling with the city.

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