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April 7, 2020

Episode #312 – Releasing Music In Isolation, New Bass String Technology, And Lawyer/Drummer Kurt Dahl

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This week’s guest is Kurt Dahl, who’s not only a successful entertainment attorney but is a busy drummer as well. His band One Bad Son has toured North America with Def Leopard, Judas Priest and even opened for the Rolling Stones.

While working as a musician, Kurt decided that he could help his band more by getting educated in the music business, and that became a law degree and a second career.

Kurt has also written articles for a host of magazines like Canadian Musician, Canadian Lawyer, DRUM Magazine, SOCAN Magazine and dozens of other industry publications, as well as made TV appearances, an interview on NPR, and lectured at universities and conferences across the country.

During the interview we spoke about how Kurt can still do his attorney job while being on tour, what it’s like to represent yourself in a negotiation, his article on the legalities of tribute bands, the worst mistakes an artist can make, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at the new release schedule, and a new string technology to keep basses in tune.

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