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March 26, 2019

Episode #258 – 5th Anniversary Geoff Emerick Tribute With Bill Smith, Record Deal For Algorithm, And Counterfeit Gear

Geoff Emerick photo on the Inner Circle Podcast

Recently I had a conversation with engineer Bill Smith about the late engineer Geoff Emerick and realized that there was a lot that we didn’t know about this audio giant even though he was responsible for some huge records that shaped the lives and careers of so many people.

Although he’s most famous for recording The Beatles, Geoff recorded songs that we hear every day by The Zombies, Stealer’s Wheel, Supertramp, America, Jeff Beck, Kate Bush, Oasis, Cheap Trick and so many more.

Bill Smith photo on the Inner Circle PodcastBill Smith was his assistant and best friend for many years and knows about as much about Geoff as anybody, so I asked him to come on the show and to give us some insight to this great man.

In the interview you’ll hear some interesting facts about how Geoff miked Paul McCartney’s bass, how he needed to get EMI’s written permission to be able to experiment with some of his miking ideas that are since become the standard way we do things today, why his bass and drum techniques are so influential to today’s music, and much more.

In the intro I’ll look at how an artificial intelligence algorithm got a record deal, and counterfeit gear that’s more prevalent than you think.

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