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October 26, 2021

Episode #392 – Vocal Coach Adreana Gonzalez, Spotify’s Marquee Promo Tool, And Smart Apps Changing Music

Adreana Gonzalez image

NEWS Spotify’s Marquee promotion tool makes you pay to reach your own fans How smart apps and plugins are changing music GUEST Vocal coach Adreana Gonzalez Vocal coach Adreana Gonzalez is the founder of HVS Conservatory, a post-secondary school for aspiring professional vocalists. HVS is led by some of the most prominent vocal coaches and […]

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October 19, 2021

Episode #391 – Perfect Groove’s Andreas Wagner, Songwriter Streaming Royalties, And Guitar Center News

Andreas Wagner Perfect Groove image

NEWS My guest this week is Andreas Wagner, who’s the head of software development for Rebeat Innovation. Andreas is the main developer for the company’s Perfect Groove software, which allows mastering engineers to emulate a fully cut vinyl lacquer.  Songwriter streaming royalties about to be set again, and the streaming services want it to decrease […]

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October 12, 2021

Episode #390 – Sessionwire’s Robin Leboe, Making A Living Through Streaming, And Recording Hits On An iPhone

Sessionwire found and CEO Robin Leboe image

NEWS What it takes to make a living through streaming Recording hits on an iPhone GUEST Founder and CEO of the collaboration platform Sessionwire, Robin Leboe My guest this week is Robin Leboe, founder and CEO of the production collaboration platform Sessionwire. Sessionwire solves the challenges associated with remote collaboration of having to cobble together […]

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