Episode #72 – Billboard Survey, Logic Pro Update, LA Studio Guitarist Gary Solt

– Billboard survey to label execs
– Logic Pro update, including Alchemy

– LA Studio Guitarist Gary Solt

Episode #71 – VEVO, Self-production, and Room Tuning Expert Bob Hodas

– VEVO – Warner possibly entering the fold. Will this helps artists?
– Self production – good or bad?

– Room tuning expert, Bob Hodas.  Find out more about bob here: http://www.bobhodas.com/index.php

Episode #70 – Quick Hits, Session Essentials, Producer/Music Director Rob Shrock

Rob ShirakbariNews:
– QuickHitz – Twice the music in half the time
– 6 things I bring to every session

– Musical Director Rob Shrock.  Find out more about Rob here.

Episode #69 -Big 4 Streaming Services, Death of Music Row, and Label Exec, Shan Dan Horan

– The big 4 streaming services
– Death of Music Row in NYC

– Label Exec, Shan Dan Horan. Find our more about Shan Dan at www.facebook.com/shandanhoran

Episode #68 – Music Sales, SoundCloud Supscription, and Film/Television Composer Rich Walters

– Music sales are up all over the world
– Soundcloud announced subscriptions tier
– Rode purchased Aphex
– Guitar Center being sued

– Film and Television composer Rich Walters. Find out more about Rich here: RichWaltersMusic.com