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August 30, 2016

Episode #124 – UMG Gets Stung, Rudy Van Gelder Passes And Pro Tools Expert Founder Russ Hughes

Russ Hughes

              NEWS It’s not often that an artist puts one over on a major label, but Frank Ocean did it to Universal Music One of the greatest engineers ever, Rudy Van Gelder, passed away GUEST Pro Tools Expert founder Russ Hughes talks Avid and workstations

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August 2, 2016

Episode #120 – CD Sales Falling Faster, Our Music Preferences Are Learned, And Guest Ed Cherney

            NEWS CD sales falling faster than expected, and streaming ┬ámakes more money Our musical preferences are learned and not biological, unlike what many researchers previously thought GUEST Engineer Ed Cherney talks about starting out, his light-bulb moment with Ry Cooder, his breakthrough with Bonnie Raitt, and working with Quincy […]

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