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March 21, 2023

Podcast 465 – Songwriter Consultant Mitchell Dyer, AM/FM Radio Changing, And Subwoofer Setup

Mitchell Dyer

My guest this week is the On-Demand songwriter and mastering engineer Mitchell Dyer, who’s on a mission to help other songwriters eliminate their mental blocks and turn their songwriting struggles into a revenue-generating career.  With nearly two decades of songwriting and mastering experience, thousands of artists songs reviewed, and hundreds of songs personally recorded, Mitch […]

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March 7, 2023

Episode 463 – TrackStage Founders, Tidal New Royalties Canned, And The Importance Of Studio Furniture

TrackStage app

My guests this week are Robina Ritchie-Barker and Scott Barker, who’s TrackStage sync music management app is taking the sync world by storm. TrackStage not only helps you get your songs and cut-downs get organized in one place, but it helps you keep track of contracts, split sheets, licenses, reversion dates, pitches and deadlines. Plus […]

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