Episode #89 – Year End Recap and 2016 Predictions


Year end recap and 2016 predictions.

– CRB (Copyright Ruling Board) Ruling
– Apple Music and YouTube Red
– Pandora buys TicketFly, and streaming assets of Rdio.
– Amazon Prime Music
– Facebook goes hard into video
– Blurred Lines lawauit
– Jay-Z buys Tidal
– Vinyl up to 9% music industry income
– Producers and engineers may get paid on streaming
– Billboard creates chart for lyrics
– Adele passes 5 million albums sold in US already.
– 101mixingtricks.com
– Guitar Center may be in danger of closing
– Pro Tools Subscription Plan
– Music Row in Nashville closing
– New music technology AVB
– MQA – Master Quality Authenticated
– USB-C Connector coming out
– 3D audio standard
– LiFi connection via light pulses
– Foam 3D batteries
– Moog music gave employees 50% of company
– Abbey Road Studios tech incubator

– Streaming getting bigger
– Pandora to become more important
– Facebook becoming more difficult for promotion, Internet marketing becoming more expensive
– Websites looking sleeker,  more WordPress-centric
– Analog is dying
– Controllers becoming more popular
– Plug-in overload
– Tablet for audio less visible
– Sound reinforcement becoming  increasingly digital and smaller
– Headphone surround for virtual reality

Episode #57 – Google Update, Guitar Pickup Sounds, and Prince Engineer Dave Hampton


– Google update to award mobile friendly sites in rankings
– What determines guitar pickup sounds

– Prince audio engineer, Dave Hampton.
Find out more about Dave and his products at reftone.com